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Baby Bump Fitness Review and Giveaway

I just came across this program by a fellow Canadian who is the creator of Baby Bump Fitness. The focus is for soon-to-be moms and new moms. Jacqueline provides safe, quick & effective fitness solutions that really work, including workouts, rehab exercises and nutrition tips.

Recently, Jacqueline published two new E-books for sale on her site. They are Pregnancy Fitness Program and Busy Moms Fitness Program. Each E-book sells for $29.99, but three lucky winners will have a chance to win the E-book of their choice. Here is a summary of each E-book in more detail:

Jacqueline takes moms through those first post-pregnancy weeks to really focusing on getting that pre-pregnancy body back. The six-week program provides slow and steady pacing that is essential to proper progression and injury prevention. Similar to the Pregnancy workout, excellent step-by-step instructions and photos are provided. This is a great workout for travel as well. It’s super easy to just print a copy for your purse or suitcase and your workouts will always be on hand.

I'm hoping to win free copies of these ebooks to kick start my fitness and build my strength in those first few weeks post-pregnancy. You can enter to win too!

WIN FREE E-BOOKS! – To enter for a chance to win your choice of Baby Bump Pregnancy Fitness System or Baby Bump Busy Moms Fitness Program.

Visit Coach Jen at Personal Fit Coach for her review and details on how to WIN.