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A Smokin' Pregnancy

Being a hot mama doesn't mean you have to have a flat stomach (although it doesn't mean we all want one anyway!) Even when you're stomach is the size of 3 watermelons during pregnancy you can still look great. To look great and feel attractive during pregnancy, buy a few maternity clothes. It's tempting to just wear our husband's baggy shirts and that's okay when you are lounging around the house needing to be comfortable, but you should invest in at least a few cute maternity clothes for when you do leave the house, or just even when you want to look nice when your man comes home.
You should shop around for the following items:
Start out with some cute maternity panties. Wearing cute new panties can add a little spring into your step and I'm pretty sure your hubby won't complain! I had a hard time finding any cute undergarments while I was preggo, but here is where you can find a 4-pack of these cute little panties.

Citizens Maternity Jeans will make you look and feel stylish a great. Designer jeans are a little pricey, but well worth the splurge, esspecially if you are planning on having multiple pregnancies. If not, you can re-sell your used Citizens on Craigslist or eBay! Buy you new pair HERE.
This feminine little summer dress looks so comfortable for easy, effortless style on the go. Plus, a dress like this is great post pregnancy too giving you extra room and camouflaging your post-baby belly. I found this dress at a fun webstore called Hot Mama Maternity.

Another MUST HAVE item for pregnancy is a Bella Band. You will be able to wear all your favorite pants a little longer as you can unbutton them and hold them up with the bella band, available in an assortment of colors and they add a stylish layered effect. Get a couple in a few basic colors HERE.

Think about getting at least one nice maternity blouse and then the rest can just be empire waist tops or stretchy long tanks and t-shirts that can be layered. I like this top a lot! Find it HERE.

Now to really feel great and have a beautiful smokin' pregnancy, is to stay healthy and fit in a safe and appropriate way. When I was pregnant, I was broke but I did splurge on a prenatal yoga DVD and it was so worth it. Doing Yoga during pregnancy energizes you, aids digestion and helps relieve back pressure and physical and emotional stressed caused by pregnancy. When doing Yoga during pregnancy you have to be very careful as some exercises are dangerous during pregnancy, which is why it is safer to just buy a DVD specifically for Prenatal Yoga. I enjoyed this DVD by Gaiam.