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I have to tell you about one of my nearest and dearest friends. She is not yet a mom, but is a superwomen who I know will become one of those Super Moms. Anyways, aside from her day job (at an engineering firm) she is really an entrepreneur at heart. It must run in the Family as her grandparents run the oldest, most popular drive-in joint back in our high school town. Anyways, She spent quite a bit of time living in Mexico so she could become a fluent speaker. While there, she came in contact with the owner of the Vieri purse factory. The purses are sold in upscale stores in Cancun and Mexico City, not available in the US. However, she has started her own small business through her relationships with the Factory owners. She is the only supplier of these high quality designer bags in the United States. Here is a picture of me with one of her tote bags that doubles as a great alternative to the vinyl whinnie the pooh diaper bag!

I will post a link to her website soon. But if you are interested in finding out more, you can always contact me as I help her out a lot since I have time during the day while she is at the Engineering firm. You can also email for more info.

BONUS! I'm so excited, she also recently got in contact with the factory that makes BKE jeans that you find at The Buckle! One of my faveorites along with Citizens and Sevens. Those will be sold at a nice discount as well. It's crazy how much they are marked up!


Is your Thyroid Making you Fat?

Could you be suffering from Hypothyroidism? The symptoms are subtle and often mistaken for depression. If left untreated, it can cause anemia, low body temp and heart failure.

I was diagnosed while in high school. I was always cold and lethargic. I was dead tired no matter how much sleep I got and getting out of bed felt impossible at times. I often got detention for having so many tardies and would fall asleep in some of my classes that had teachers that didn't care. My mom was the one who finally suspected low thyroid. We then did the Basal body temp test for about 3 weeks and it was pretty obvious, with my average temperature some where around 96 whereas the average persons resting body temp should be around 98.

Hypothyroidism is a lot more common than people think and it often goes misdiagnosed. The basic blood testing might show someone on the low end, however, if it's within the normal range, most doctors will tell you that you are fine. However, even being on the low end can mean you need treatment.

To determine if you may be gaining weight or just feeling exhausted at all times due to a hypothyroidism, check out the symptoms here!
If you do come back positive for Hypothyroidism, never fear, there are certain things you can do to help you lose weight when you are hypothyroid. Learn more from my article How to Lose Weight when your are Hypothyroid.

And for those who are interested, you can see my article on treating hypothroidism naturally here!