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You know you're a MOM when....

So what can I say? I'm frazzled in general I guess! I've never felt so stupid, seriously! In the last month I've driven my husbands new car over a curb in a parking lot, now the steering makes a funny noise, I left the laptop on the couch where my 2 year old was able to send it flying to it's doom, I washed and dried my husband's work phone...totally fried....he doesn't know how he's going to be able to work tomarrow since all his contacts were on that, and I almost wrecked his work computer tonight (not telling him!) looking up toddler charts when some virus thing popped up and long story short, the computer would not work until God answered my begging and pleading prayer, which ended finally with "I promise I'll volunteer for AWANA if you make the computer go back to normal!" BINGO...magically the computer went back to normal, when Windows wouldn't even start before... I think that's what motherhood will do to you. When you have kids...if you ever can't find the milk in the fridge, it's probably in the cupboard, your keys are probably still in the front door, your missing purse is on your arm and you have forgotten to put on shoes when you left the house at least once...oh and when your husband comes home and tries to kiss you, suddenly you remember that you forgot to brush your teeth that day! lol....well, at least I managed to shave my legs and throw on some mascara before church today.

(I don't even really know what AWANA is...I just saw a thing about volunteers in the bulletin at a church we visited today.....but, I guess I'm doing it! Considering that I couldn't get windows to work, or get much more than error messages in dos for 10 minutes, it all ended and worked instantly when the word's 'I promis to volunteer for AWANA' left my lips. hmmmm.....)


Fun Easy Project

I just made this tutu as a birthday gift for a party we are going to in the morning. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I also didn't want to just give a cheap toy that would add clutter, then I remembered this eHow article I found called How to Make a Boutique Style Tutu. This took maybe an hour from start to finish and probably cost $5 at the most. I found the spool of tulle in the wedding section at JoAnns Fabric Store. (The last place in the store I looked!) I also just used an elastic headband for the waistband. This was super easy and fun, I'll be making more of these for sure! Save money and give a great gift!
(the wand in the picture was in the $1 bin by the checkout...)