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Fun Easy Project

I just made this tutu as a birthday gift for a party we are going to in the morning. I didn't want to spend a lot of money, but I also didn't want to just give a cheap toy that would add clutter, then I remembered this eHow article I found called How to Make a Boutique Style Tutu. This took maybe an hour from start to finish and probably cost $5 at the most. I found the spool of tulle in the wedding section at JoAnns Fabric Store. (The last place in the store I looked!) I also just used an elastic headband for the waistband. This was super easy and fun, I'll be making more of these for sure! Save money and give a great gift!
(the wand in the picture was in the $1 bin by the checkout...)


  1. Hi,
    Found you on eHow. Great blog. I plan on never wearing Mom Jeans (again) either. (They used to actually be in style! Ugg!)

  2. lol...With the way fashion is going, they might be back in style, but still, I don't think anyone looks good in skinny jeans or anything high-waisted unless they are a toothpick. Even Jessica Simpson get's made fun of when she tries to pull off that look with skinny fit high waisted sailor pants...everyone said it made her look fat (WHEN SHE WASN'T FAT!)