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Is your Thyroid Making you Fat?

Could you be suffering from Hypothyroidism? The symptoms are subtle and often mistaken for depression. If left untreated, it can cause anemia, low body temp and heart failure.

I was diagnosed while in high school. I was always cold and lethargic. I was dead tired no matter how much sleep I got and getting out of bed felt impossible at times. I often got detention for having so many tardies and would fall asleep in some of my classes that had teachers that didn't care. My mom was the one who finally suspected low thyroid. We then did the Basal body temp test for about 3 weeks and it was pretty obvious, with my average temperature some where around 96 whereas the average persons resting body temp should be around 98.

Hypothyroidism is a lot more common than people think and it often goes misdiagnosed. The basic blood testing might show someone on the low end, however, if it's within the normal range, most doctors will tell you that you are fine. However, even being on the low end can mean you need treatment.

To determine if you may be gaining weight or just feeling exhausted at all times due to a hypothyroidism, check out the symptoms here!
If you do come back positive for Hypothyroidism, never fear, there are certain things you can do to help you lose weight when you are hypothyroid. Learn more from my article How to Lose Weight when your are Hypothyroid.

And for those who are interested, you can see my article on treating hypothroidism naturally here!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, my daughter has it and will be happy to know this!

  2. No problem. If your daughter hs a thyroid problem, she should make sure he see's a thyroid specialist. There is so much that is affected by the thyroid that general doctors just don't know as much about. I had anxiety for a while and asked my dr if it could be thyroid related and she laughed "no!" my new THYROID specialist told me basically everything that has ever been wrong with me without me even having to tell him and it is ALL thyroid related.

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