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I'm Not a Skinny B!tch

Looking great is not about becoming a waif like the models we see in all the media around us. You can be a hot momma by putting your best face forward....taking a bit of time to look in the mirror and get ready, to make sure you are wearing clothes that flatter your figure, and exercise for health, well-being, and to get a break from your job as a mom/wife! I'm not super skinny, I haven't been "skinny" since before I was 15. I guess I consider myself medium size. Not big, not small....not the size of Montreal (That just came out! Memories from Childhood...I don't even remember the original rhyme).
Anyways, whatever your SIZE is, don't obsess. Be the best you can be, love yourself and tell yourself that you are sexy and attractive. Your attitude and how you feel about yourself radiates and others pick up on it. If you are always thinking negative things about yourself, it will show in your demeanor and others will pick up on it. So put on a smile, enjoy your life and your family and embrace the skin you are in....just remember to exfoliate and moisturize! (and maybe add a little bronzer:)

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