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A Few Fitness Myths

Don't lift weights otherwise you'll get huge arms or too big of muscles. MYTH!
It takes so much work to build that kind of muscle bulk in your arms. Lifting weights can help slim and tone your body and help you burn more fat!

Working out while still nursing will cause your breast milk to go sour and the baby won't like it. MYTH!
Some women think they can't work out after having a baby if they are nursing mothers for fear of spoiling their milk. This isn't true. If your doctor has given you the green light to work out and you feel up to it, then by all means, get some exercise!

You can spot reduce fat. IE-get flat abs from merely doing crunches. MYTH!
In order to get a smaller waist or flat abs, you have to burn fat. This means working up a sweat from doing cardiovascular exercise. Creating a routine combined of cardio and strength training will help reduce overall body fat. You can do all the sit-ups that you want, but without burning off the fat, you'll just have mud on rocks.

No Pain No Gain! MYTH!
We've all heard the saying "no pain no gain" when it comes to fitness but it's just not true. If you are in pain while working out, you are either doing it wrong or have an injury. To make gains in your workout, you may work yourself to the point of fatigue or exhaustion, but remember, muscle fatigue and pain are not the same thing. Pain in the form of soreness a day or two after working out is normal, but pain during your workout is not.

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