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Hot Momma's can indulge their chocolate cravings without the guilt!

So I've been trying to eat less junk food lately, but I'm a sucker for anything crunchy or chocolaty. (who isn't!). I've been on a good workout regime, going to Yoga class and working out at Gold's Gym and doing Abs of Steel or Turbo Jam at home, but I haven't wanted to give up my treats! I walked by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at the mall the other day and ever since I couldn't shed the craving for chocolate covered almonds, which I LOVE! Well, I kept thinking about it and decided to make my own. Using raw, unsalted almonds and dark chocolate from the baking section, I've recreated one of my favorite treats, but now I consider it "superfood". lol. Maybe the experts wouldn't include it, but after all the articles I've read about superfoods, it is clear to me that raw almonds and dark chocolate are on that list. So, I gave it a try and they turned out great or as Rachel Ray would say "Yum-O!"

Just because you want to try to maintain your figure or even loose a bit of it doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself completely. I consider this a healthy long as I don't eat too many at once. Check out my recipe and enjoy!

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