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Quick Fixes! Sliming the Waistline Fast!

Since having my second baby almost 4 months ago (already!!!) I have had a slower recovery than I had expected. I was hoping to whip myself back into shape ASAP and blog about it more motivation (to keep me accountable) BUT it hasn't really gone that way. The Pubis Symphisis Seperation (the feeling of having an axe thrown into your pubic bone) did not go away right away. Just this last week I finally gave the gym a try which felt AMAZING to work out again, just doing a basic interval workout on the elliptical. 5 minutes into my first workout, I had a HUGE smile on my face. I was in the Cardio Cinema at Golds Gym, watching a CHICKFLICK (I never get to pick those at home) and no whining or crying was to be heard...and I just felt this amazing sense of freedom and enjoyment as I began to break out into a sweat...I started to really feel alive and excited. Having Pubis Symphisis is awful, I couldn't even walk to check the mail, if I needed groceries but couldn't find a close parking spot, I would just leave and do without. At night when I had to go wee-wee while pregnant, I would have to hold onto the bed and then the walls because I felt like I could't support my own weight and it was SO painful. So being able to sweat on the elliptical felt truly amazing after being basically disabled for months.

SO, between having the baby and now, I've just had to cheat a little to slim down my midsection quickly. After the baby was born, I wore a $10 Waist Trimmers to help support my midsection and pull things back together. I really felt like it helped shrink my uterus down faster than when I had my first child because of the compression. At first I was totally skeptical about Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps But after asking around a lot, I decided it was worth a shot.

Wearing a Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps / Waist Trimmers not only helped push things back into place faster, slimming my waistline a lot faster, it gave my back some added support which felt so great and I didn't feel so self-conscious about my deflating water balloon-like post baby pooch, because it gave me a waist that I didn't really have!

Now that I'm past the stage of needing to wear a waist belt, I am onto following some of my handy tips in my eHow article How to Slim Your Waist Without Losing Weight in Other Areas.

Step 3 in the article suggests using Spanx or Lipo in a Box to Slim the Waist Fast. I recently went to Target and bought an awesome cami that does the job of sucking things in and smoothing me out really well! It's called Suddenly Skinney and was only around $16. I love that is is longer than most slimmers so you don't end up with a cut off bulge around your hips...and it also doesn't cut in around your arms and make any back fat stick out's just awesome.

And I'm not going to try any cleanses while breastfeeding, but I have started drinking a full glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it first thing every morning, then waiting about 30 minutes before eating. those are my cheats for now...wearing a waist trimmer, and now the Suddenly Skinney cami for a quick fix. I'll keep you posted about how the workouts and getting back in shape are going. I only worked out 3 times last week and was already starting to have some pain come back which is super annoying, I just need it to be gone so I can do Turbo Jam or Power 90...I haven't decided which to do first! Probably Turbo Jam though...I LOVE Chalene!

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