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Another Smokin' Mom to Look Up To

Trista Sutter, famous from the Bachelor and Bachelorette is a poster girl for getting her body back after having her first baby. Check out those flat abs, My daughter is a lot older than that baby and I still have a ways to go! I have to admit, I've had this picture hanging on my fridge for a long time now as inspiration, along with a sample of her diet. This is how she lost her baby weight: How to Loose Baby Weight Like Trista Sutter. I think she is a great example of a mom who got her body back in shape and seemed to do it in a healthy way and is a good model for other moms out there.

Trista Sutters Diet that I saved from my US Weekly magazine:

Trista Sutter’s sample diet menu (2,000 calories daily) While Breastfeeding

Day 1:

Breakfast A bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats with skim milk.

Snack Sambazon Supergreens Revolution Organic Acai Smoothie; Muscle Milk Light shake.

Lunch Turkey sandwich with light mayo on Oroweat Whole Grain & Flax Bread; handful of Honey Graham Sunchips; an Uncle Eddies Vegan Cookie

Snack French Vanilla Crisp Pria Bar

Dinner Three slices of Amy’s organic Spinach Pizza and a mixed salad

Snack Six Nestle Crunch Dibs

Day 2:

Breakfast Two LifeStream Flax Plus Waffles with 2 tbsp Horizon Organic butter and 2 tbsp syrup.

Snack Chocolate Peanut Crunch Pria Bar.

Lunch Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich on Oroweat bread; Sambazon Original Acai Juice; two Oreos.

Snack Muscle Milk Light snake

Dinner Red beans and rice burrito; spinach salad

Snack Six Dibs

Day 3:

Breakfast Two wholewheat pancakes with Smart Balance spread and syrup.

Snack Mix 1 Tangerine drink.

Lunch Grilled cheese on whole wheat; bowl of tomato soup.

Snack One apple and 2 tbsp peanut butter; Muscle Milk Light shake.

Dinner Grilled Chicken, broccoli and a sweet potato.

Snack A few bites of Ben & Jerry’s Lighten Up ice cream.

I'll admit, I did go to Costco and buy a big box of mini-wheats after reading the interview. I'd count them out and have a bowl for any meal of the day.

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