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Stubbly Prickly Legs Aren't Smokin'

Do you ever climb into bed at night, snuggle up next to your man and as you graze your leg against him to get his attention, hear him say "Ouch!"? That's not how you wanted to get his attention! Even as we get comfortable with each other and having perfectly smooth legs becomes less of a priority, it's still nice to surprise your love with silky smooth legs that he can caress rather than feel like he's in love with a porcupine. Even though he won't love you less for being a little prickly at times, you might want to check out these tips on How to Shave your Legs Perfectly!
Speaking of hair removal and grooming, one way to put a little spring into your step and really catch your man's attention is to pay some careful attention to grooming and shaping down there. So even if you were home all day, your hair not styled, dressed in scrubs, your house is cluttered with toys, at least you know something is tidy! And at the end of the day, when the kids are fast asleep, you can show it off and strut your stuff. You're husband/partner will totally think you're smokin'. (Just don't tell him you borrowed his beard trimmer! lol)

1 comment:

  1. sounds very sensual. I don't mind my wife with stubble infact it turns me on. she usually has stubble since her leg hair is very course and grows so fast anyways. But good article. BTW I let her use my beard trimmer too for her more personal area =)