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Easy Weight Loss Tips After Having a Baby

* Breastfeeding burns up to 500 calories a day!
* Drink Green Tea as it helps give your metabolism a boost and is a great antioxidant. The caffeine will also give you the little extra umpf you need as a mom.
* Drink dairy, and if you drink 1% or 2%, switch to fat free milk and instantly cut out calories without changing anything else.
* Hold your baby in front of you rather than on your hip. When you hold your baby on your hip, you tent to push out your stomach muscles, which doesn't help with the pounch factor. Hold your baby in front of you and remember to keep your abs in.
* Eat plenty of whole grains and fiber.
* Drink lots of water. Especially of you are nursing.
* Eat an apple 30 minutes before your next meal to curb your appetite.
* Dance with your baby, or dance around the house while your baby watches from her swing. It will entertain your baby and get your heart rate up.
* Get in on with your man. Once the doctor gives the okay, get all the baby stuff out of the room and get intimate with your man. Being on top is a great way to work your muscles and start getting back in shape. And it's fun and relieves stress...something moms know a lot about!!! (And stress can make it harder to lose weight or even cause you to gain weight.)


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  2. great tips! luv the last one. That is so important