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Fake Tan = Hot Mom

Everyone looks better with a tan. I forgot how much of a difference it can make! I pulled out a bottle of self tanner today that I must have bought 2 or 3 years ago because I really don't remember having ever taken the time and effort to apply self tanner since I became a mom 2 years ago. Well, my husband was on a road trip for work and I wanted to look extra good when he came home so I pulled out the tanning lotion. I had to do it during nap time and it was a big pain to have to stand around in my room in my birthday suit for 30-40 minutes careful to not touch anything for fear of staining anything or messing up the tan. I stood and read a book (The "Hug and a Kiss and a Kick in the Pants" book actually). Anyways, Finally it dried and I was very pleased with the results. It was maybe the best application I'd ever done...minus my right ankle and the white spot in the middle of my back that I couldn't reach.

Anyways, when I looked in the mirror with my new tan, I felt like a younger version of myself again. My hair looked lighter and my teeth looked whiter. When my husband got home, he instant commented on how great I looked and he was like, "what did you do? Something is different! Did you get your hair highlighted while I was gone? It looks lighter".

Later that evening we went out to the pool and my husband and daughter played in the water while I lounged. It was so exciting looking down at tan legs rather than being BLINDED BY THE LIGHT!

It was worth the trouble and the stupid looking spot on my ankle. However, I called my sister and apparently she was applying a fake tan at the exact same time that I was (we're in sync like that), however, it only took her 10 minutes and she didn't miss or mess up any spots. Next time I'm going to use what she uses, it's called Loreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush, a tanning spray. She says it dries almost instantly, has a great color and has no smell.

YAY for fake tans!

As for indoor tanning lotion tips, I came across some solutions after the fact:

*Rub lotion around ankles and tops of feet to blend with legs.

*Use a sponge paintbrush, available at any hardware store, to apply self tanner to your back. Look for one that is from two to three inches in size. Wash before use and let it air dry. The brushes with wooden handles are better, as the plastic handles can scratch skin.

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