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A youthful glow or greasy goop?

Some people use lips gloss on their lips, other's apparently use it on their legs! Check out Gwenyth Paltrow's overly shiney legs. It looks like she oiled them up to go sun bathing. Although it's helpful to look to celeb moms for style and beauty tips, this one is a fashion DON'T.

HOWEVER, it IS okay to dust your body with a shimmery body bronzer to add subtle sheen and definition, giving your legs, arms, shoulders and chest a more youthful glow. My favorite product for this is Bobbie Brown Beach shimmer body powder. I think it comes with a fluffy applicator. I have this myself, however, their Shimmer Brick for Body looks great too.
Visit the Bobbie Brown Website to learn how to create a beautiful, effortless looking Illuminating Bronze Look.

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