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Just a quick note

I just wanted to make a note about this parenting book I'm reading. My daughter is 2 and all the sudden, my hubby and I had to really figure out how to properly discipline our daughter in a loving and effective way. Anyways, my mother-in-law was visiting and gave me this old book that she had called A Hug and a Kiss and a Kick in the Pants. I'm about 1/3 through it and I just think every parent should have a copy. This isn't my first book on the topic, but so far it's the best. Instead of having a hundred rules of don't this and don't have 3 rules.
No hurting yourself
No hurting others
No hurting things
It also teaches about logical consequences rather than spanking or time out for every infraction. My favorite examples were about a 4-yr old who didn't clean his room in the allotted time. His mom couldn't think of a good consequence and she had warned him there would be a consequence if he didn't do what she asked, but she wasn't prepared to follow through. Then she had an idea, she said "bye, I'm going for ice cream". Her boy said "wait I'm coming with you!" Mom replies "no you're not, you didn't clean your room" so she left him home with dad and went for ice cream. She came home with a quadruple scoop ice cream and ate it in front of him. The next time she asked him to clean his room, he did it in 5 minutes. There were other funny stories too. This book actually makes me laugh a lot!

I've already found the info I've learned from this book so helpful in correcting my daughter's behavior. Honestly, since I started reading it and getting new ideas, I haven't really had any tantrums or issues with my daughter, I'm finding her to be a lot more compliant! And I haven't had turn into the "monster mommy".

Anyways, so this is just a shout out for that book! Look up the book "A Hug and a Kiss and a Kick in the Pants" by Kay Kuzma on Amazon to find a copy.

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